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Zosia – Water [Review]

Zosia – Water [Review]

LA based artist Zosia stuns with her ethereal release ‘Water’.

Born Anneke Lada, the singer, songwriter and producer (who adopted the name Zosia as a tribute to her grandmother, a seamstress who fled Poland during World War II) began writing songs at the age of nine. As she matured into her teens and early twenties, she became intrigued by the philosophies of Isaac Asimov and Pythagoras. Their teachings influenced her songwriting and caused her to start writing about darker subject matter. In her most recent works her lyrics focus on overcoming depression and anxiety and finding fulfilment. While her sound draws influence from a range of genres, including electro-pop, rock, trip-hop and alternative R&B.

Since its release ‘Water’ has been received with critical acclaim, with Live Nation’s One’s to Watch lauding it as “a bold entrance into the music scene”. The song juxtaposes the dark with the light, by contrasting brooding lyricism with swirling synths. Lyrically Zosia is intrigued by the contradiction of water as a symbol of purity that has the power to create destruction when depleted or in excess. The song thus takes influence from water’s ability to give and take life. Zosia aptly explains, the song is about, “finding balance and not fucking up the planet while you’re at it”.

For information about her upcoming gigs and new music, you can follow Zosia on Facebook and Instagram.


Review by Kate Pearson

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