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Zebrastrap – Bliss/ery

Zebrastrap – Bliss/ery

This is ‘Bliss/ery’, the new one from Kuwait based-band Zebrastrap.

Musically, Zebrastrap are as eclectic a duo, as their handle defines. Operating out of Kuwait and refreshingly unprolific with their own style of rock, comes their new bluesy-influenced tune: Bliss/ery. Friends and bandmates, Dani and Psyless are difficult to pin down categorically, or to be able to compare enough of their other material to classify their tunes as this or that. Such is the advantage here.

Bliss/ery opens with a strong percussion-thump running perfectly in line with an underpinning, piecing rhythm section of strong and beefy lead riffs and strumming overlay chords. Lyrics are not lost as the vocal elements sweep and dip into and out of the harmonies of both singer and instruments.

While the members of the band may change, a different drummer or possibly a new singer, it’s with the melancholy tinged vocals that allow us into the mind of a person obsessed with another. It is then that we truly can understand, probably empathise with his lament. There’s a gentle grace about the melody that’s balanced against these lines that could cross into the misplaced or misdirected grip of obsession. Is it courage or hopelessness the band are after? The tune will give you the answer. Perhaps.


Review by Craig Beauman

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