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Yvng Meech — Expensive Habits [Review]

Yvng Meech — Expensive Habits [Review]

Milwaukee-based hip hop/rap artist Yvng Meech has released his latest single ‘Expensive Habits.’

Yvng Meech - "Expensive Habits" Official Music Video (Shot By @BRENEND FILMS)

An all-around strong track, ‘Expensive Habits’ is catchy and completely relatable, being that from shopping sprees to a favorite fast food chain, everyone has an expensive habit — just not the same type typically sung about in rap songs.

Meech’s lyrics are snappy and quick-witted, hinting at the struggles he endured to make it to where he is today, singing at one point: “Harder things that i went through just to see the wealth.” If there’s anything that Meech knows, is that these habits don’t pay for themselves. His hard work has paid off and the quality of his latest single solidifies his up-and-coming status among the fresh faces of the hip hop/rap genre.

The mixes and beats are a sheer sign of the artist’s talent and let Meech’s vocals take center stage without drowning out the meaning of the lyrics themselves.

To Yvng Meech, he has everything he has because he refuses to fail. To that, I’d say ‘Expensive Habits’ is very much a success — listeners across the U.S. should be eager for future Yvng Meech releases.


By Madison Obermeyer

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