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Yugs – yugs [Review]

Yugs – yugs [Review]

Denver-based producer Yugs has dropped his self-titled debut experimental lo-fi LP, yugs.

Influenced by Tame Impala, Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, and Jinsang, yugs is an audiovisual project that consists of 9 songs and 10 album covers, each song with its own individual album cover. yugs blends 100% original music mixed with nature sounds, experimental drums, voice memos, and DIY recordings of artists like Ely and Roo to create an organic, personal, and unique sound within the lo-fi genre.

Yugs makes uplifting and grounding beats and instrumentals to study, relax, and close your eyes and smile to, geared towards making students, teachers, and every day people working 9-5s a little less stressed with their workload, giving them the space to stay present and practice mindfulness.

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