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YS Kayn – Xan20 [Review]

YS Kayn – Xan20 [Review]

London-based hip-hop artist YS Kayn has released his newest single ‘Xan20.’

Modern hip hop with a flair for the psychedelic, YS Kayn’s approach is sheer talent: as true with ‘Xan20,’ the artist often freestyles in the studio. The result? Passionate tracks that don’t hold back from the influences of his life.

An undulating flute-like melody bears a similar resemblance to the musical introduction YS Kayn featured in his debut single ‘Pesko,’ balancing slower beat and vocal tracks with speed. In terms of narrative, the melody races with the beats in spasmodic rhythm, foreshadowing a combustion of poison and pleasure.

A representation of the often fractured moral sense that guides life’s decisions, ‘Xan20’ does not hold back. The texture YS Kayn weaves into the track is a confirmation that the artist has amplifies his influencer status on Instagram to an influence of today’s hip-hop.


By Madison Obermeyer

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