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Young Rising Sun – Whiskey [Review]

Young Rising Sun – Whiskey [Review]

American indie pop band Young Rising Sons have dropped their newest track  entitled ‘Whiskey.’

The popularity of indie music has increased drastically in the past decade and it seems that there is new indie band on every corner trying to produce a track that will grab people’s attentions. Therefore, due to the plethora of bands that are trying to tackle this genre it is hard to stand out from the crowd. However, if you are a fan of alternative music then Young Rising Sounds are definitely worth a listen.

Their sound is distinctive and edgy and their new song ‘Whiskey’ is in keeping with this vibe. The band released their first track ‘High’ in 2010 under Canvas/Interscope records and ever since then they have grown in popularity. At first I thought this band seemed like any other indie pop group aligning hearty guitar chords with pop instrumentals. However, the band are really making their mark with their new music and Whiskey, their newest track only adds to the bands back-catalogue of great tunes.

This song has more of an alt rock sound which builds throughout. The melody and tempo of the track is addictive from the outset and its addictive nature is in keeping with topic of the song which deals with alcoholism. The sound of the guitars are vivid as they blast out power chords and chiming riffs which marry perfectly with the soft sounding lyrics of the song. Young Rising Sons really take their own unique stance on the indie pop genre creating their own independent sound. So, if you are a fan of alternative music then Young Rising Sons should definitely be added to your playlist.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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