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Yellow Shoots – Desert Rose [Review]

Yellow Shoots – Desert Rose [Review]

Yellow Shoots bring us their latest release in the form of Desert Rose.

This Philadelphia born and now Brooklyn based band are focused on taking the listener on a musical journey and are all about bringing in influences into their music from all genres that have inspired them in the past.  This track has a straight up funk feel to it, and you can also hear the r&b influences in the beat throughout.

The funk-laced groove track is completed with the addition of a synth sound, adding an electro twist.  The vocals are very reminiscent of the sound that was brought to us by Prince, and this style of song and lyrics draws many parallels.  The track is sultry and sexy, and can almost be described as a hypnotic.  Yellow Shoots want to take the listener on a journey, and Desert Rose takes us on a psychedelic road, filled with smooth rhythms and catchy hooks.  A perfect example of what happens when r&b and blues meet electro funk; the sound they produce is immaculate, and definitely addictive.


Review by Helen Radford

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