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Yehan Jehan [Interview]

We caught up with rising songwriter Yehan Jehan to talk about his new EP Expansions, learn more about his songwriting process and more.



Hey Yehan, how has your 2017 been?

Hello. Good, excited about the next one.


Tell us about the inspirations for your new EP Expansions? And how does it compare to your earlier work?

The songs on the EP are split between my personal life, stories that I made, sometimes inspired by certain situations and frustrations in life. Musically I was writing songs in a very classic form. I was really into the idea of classic conventional songwriting, 3 and half minute wonder songs as my friend Stevie would say.



How did you approach writing and producing the record?

This batch was done between 2/3 rooms over the course of a year. Writing, performing, producing, arranging, mixing comes at the same time for me. It can be either of those things that I start with. Now i’m trying to be more focused on separating those roles in order to work more efficiently, but it was quite a mess before getting it all together.


You’ve also recently released a new video for Tired One / Light Speed. What’s the idea behind the video and where did it come from?

The idea was to just make it. I didn’t know what the video would be until 5 minutes before pressing record. I like not knowing what would happen at all, but trusting that something would be created.


Yehan Jehan - Tired One / Light Speed


What can new fans expect from your live shows?

I’m developing that as we speak!


When and where can we catch you on tour?

March 6th at Electrowerkz in London!


Are you planning on putting more music out in 2018?

I’ve just started the album and its currently in the slow cooker.


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