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YEAST – Black Nights [Review]

YEAST – Black Nights [Review]

Emotive, pondering and mesmeric. You may well recognize the song ‘Black nights’ by the pop rock sensation Yeast from the 2017 film Rip Tide, a Netflix sensation.

YEAST - Black Nights (Citroën C5 Aircross SUV)

The four boys from Lyon are well known for producing catching tunes with a melancholic undertones and Black Nights is very much in keeping with this ideal. The tune has a pensive sound combining catchy beats with wistful tones and soft sounding lyrics. The band have clearly proposed a greater focus on the emotions with this song as it is less upbeat than their previous tracks such as a personal favorite of mine, Holy Chapter.

By combing fanciful compositions with musical subtleties, the boys have produced a sentimental, lyrical tune that really pulls at the heart strings. Unlike a lot of pop rock bands, although this song has a strong guitar focus, the chords are soft sounding and are therefore in keeping with this emotive feel. ‘Black Nights’ is such a pensive tune and a really interesting take on the pop rock genre. I would highly recommend giving the YEAST boys a listen.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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