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WUZI – Buffalo Shout [Review]

WUZI – Buffalo Shout [Review]

English group WUZI perfect the balance between psychedelia and heavy rock on their latest release, ‘Buffalo Shout.’

WUZI is a Leeds-based rock group that manages to defy every traditional rock convention, curating a sound that encompasses and transcends so many different genres. Their latest release ‘Buffalo Shout’, off their new EP, ‘Bozo Material’, sees the group pulling from punk, psychedelic and progressive rock, to find a timeless energy that is entirely their own.

While the track is laden with that playful recklessness that comes with young bands, the sound is surprising sophisticated and well put together. The opening particularly plays into the psychedelic leanings of the group, with an experimental, dreamy sound that reflects the influence of iconic 60s and 70s bands like Pink Floyd. Very soon, however, the track builds into a climactic release of pent-up energy, as the heavy guitar riffs and aggressive vocals take centre stage in the chorus. This movement between carefully controlled, dream-like instrumentation, and wild, unrestrained heavy rock, is one of the great strengths of ‘Buffalo Shout.’ Like many talented groups before them, WUZI clearly have a deep understanding of how powerful this transition between contrasting volumes and intensities can be.

While WUZI are certainly youthful and raw, their sound is refreshingly melody-driven and self-aware. We definitely look forward to seeing what this group will do next.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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