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WOWH – The Hits [Review]

WOWH – The Hits [Review]

WOWH are an indie soul duo who effortlessly produce pop music blended perfectly with electro synthesisers. This is their new track ‘The Hits’, which highlights all of the pair’s talents.

Formed just over year ago, WOWH’s new track ‘The Hits’ combines a fluent mix of instantly infectious vocals with harmonious synth-pop indie soul.

The track begins with a tease of what is to come. A simple drum and bass build-up layered with an electro-funk beat. It transitions into a catchy pop chorus and before long the pair hit their stride combining a magical blend hanging somewhere between a Daft Punk and a Calvin Harris.

With ‘The Hits’ reaching just over the 4-minute mark for a pop tune, it offers ample opportunities for WOWH to showcase their many talents.

The catchy chorus of “I’m going to miss the hits” will have you singing along for weeks whereas musically it twists and turns. One minute there’s 80’s synthesisers, the next a bass driven breakdown, before an all-out pop chorus hammers home the last ‘hit’.

‘The Hits’ marks the beginning of the pairing of Nick Harrison and Toby Couling as they are set to self- release a string of singles in the near future.


Review by Nathan Smith

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