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Wolfskind x Yann Lauren – Give It Up [Review]

Wolfskind x Yann Lauren – Give It Up [Review]

Breaking onto the scene with ‘Give It Up’, Wolfskind x Yann Lauren have joined forces and released a cracking tune as a pre-curser to new material due out late this year.

The beat intrigues you from the start and is masterfully produced to create a thunderous sound that draws from minimal electronica artists such as Mount Kimbe, fused with the lighter tonal essence of catchy pop music. It is designed to be blasted out at chiller house parties and clubs, cascading down the sweat drenched walls and ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Along with the striking rhythm of the song, idyllic vocal tracks from rising 18 year old Belgian MOLI, sweep over the anthem. The match up is harmonious, bringing a real freshness to the genre, and also gives the vibe that it will be accessible to everyone world over. The innocence of MOLI’s vocals complements the experienced production techniques that Wolfskind x Yann Lauren bring, striking a perfect balance.

Whilst we wait for the new found duo to release their debut EP later this year, they are honing their live act to ensure they make as much of an impact live as they do when cooped up in the studio. There is no set date for anything (bar this tune) as yet, but be sure to watch this space!


Review by Tom Crowder

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