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Willn’t – Time Holds Me Down [Review]

Willn’t – Time Holds Me Down [Review]

Time Holds Me Down is the latest LP from NY-based synth-rock artist Willn’t.

This is a classic, unbridled take on synth rock. Deep synth lines and dreamy, echoed vocals create a nostalgic atmosphere throughout.

The anthemic ‘If I Could’ is arguably the main highlight of the record. It brings together elements of timeless influences and I can detect notes that hark to some of the greats of years gone by, from Bowie and U2 to Kraftwerk and Phil Collins.

Willn’t is far from afraid to take risks on this LP though. ‘Backs Against the Wall’ has a unique and distinctive beat, harnessing unusual sounds a rhythms to create something more than simple synth rock.

Time Holds Me Down also shows of an impressive vocal range. Swinging from soft balled-esque lines to gruff and powerful crescendos.

This is a perfect throwback LP for fans of grooving, electronic instrumental and evocative vocals. If you haven’t already, hit play above and strap yourself in for a superb synth journey.

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