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Willie J – On One [Review]

Willie J – On One [Review]

Experimental R&B and hip-hop artist Willie J is on a mission to get your head bopping.



‘On one’ gets going with a slow distant siren that starts to pick up volume before Willie J interjects with a rhythmic chant that makes you wonder where the track is heading. “Let’s see, see, what the fuck is gonna be”. It’s a bit strange, but none of it out of place and as the main verse drops you know this is going to be a decent listen. Throughout the song you get smooth bass that cuts through the rhythm of Willie J’s flow and chants. It’s all a bit left-field, but that isn’t an issue. We’re converts.


We’re excited to see what’s next for Willie J. Hopefully his sound gets exposed to a wider audience, because the delivery and execution is something to get excited about. We will be paying close attention.


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