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Wild Eyed – Dragon [Review]

Wild Eyed – Dragon [Review]

Really, you shouldn’t compare bands to other bands in reviews. It’s not necessary, but for a relatively new band formed last year, you look to where they’re registering their niche. With Bristol outfit, Wild Eyed’s, you can’t help searching for a link, or a tie. Perhaps it the relative passivity of that great City. There’s not many cities that can boast two football teams, let alone try and name two famous band or artists from there? I’ll probably face some flak for such a comment with aficionados naming three, but never four band, but for me Wild Eyed will now register. Nevertheless, their release, Dragon is difficult to not compare with some of the great guitar-driven bands. Indeed, if you listen to, and some people do, Morrissey’s there’s an affiliation with Boz Boorer’s sweeping and melodic lead guitar.

The song begins, moves and ends as its meant to – albeit contrary to its purpose – uncertainty. And we can all listen to that.


Review by Craig Beauman

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