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Whisper Dish – They Don’t Know [Review]

Whisper Dish – They Don’t Know [Review]

They Don’t Know is the first single from Whisper Dish’s upcoming EP.

Written and recorded in an Auckland DIY studio, They Don’t Know has all the elements to make it a certified banger. You have the overdriven guitar tones and driving psychedelic rawness that combines beautifully, creating a blistering anthemic juggernaut. The smooth guitar licks take you through the track from start to finish, which sweats sublime coolness.

They Don’t Know is a track that I would challenge anyone to find fault with. There’s enough groove and rock sensibility to place it at the top of the psych-rock perch. The low key rhythm and vocal flow are incredibly reminiscent of Thurston Moore. It has the same confident nonchalant-ness as the New York icon. Same can be said for the choice of guitar tone, as the crisp sound circles around your head throughout. They Don’t Know is a fantastically constructed piece of lo-fi psych-rock, designed to latch onto anyone who comes across it.

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