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Wet Leather – I Was Wrong [Review]

Wet Leather – I Was Wrong [Review]

Wet Leather and their latest single ‘I Was Wrong’, is a delightful fusion of 80’s funk with indie rock.

You start listening to the track and are immediately treated to distinct vocals and a confident guitar riff. So far the song is an audio equivalent of a strut.

The song continues and your foot taps along, wanting to keep up with that powerful strut. I Was Wrong is far too catchy a song for you to listen to and not move along to.

With a name like Wet Leather, it isn’t hard to guess that this four-piece band have influences in the 80s. You can hear it in the shredding guitar solos and the distinct synth. However, they have taken this and added their own modern groove to it. You can hear it in the upbeat percussion and the thoughtful lyrics. It feels fresh, new and, most importantly, incredibly funky.

Before you know it you’re wanting to listen to the song again so you can sing along the next time.

I Was Wrong was taken from Wet Leather’s Present Lives EP, which you can stream in full below.



Review by Ellie Lewis

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