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Warbly Jets – Between The Lines [Review]

Warbly Jets – Between The Lines [Review]

Warbly Jets offer a teaser of what we can expect from their upcoming debut album with their new track Between The Lines.

A confident guitar riff, quickly followed by the slick vocals of lead vocalist Samuel Shea. Between The Lines certainly makes for a memorable indie rock melody.

The Warbly Jets’ sound is the Manchester music scene crashing into downtown LA studios – their sound echoes that of Kasabian, The Stone Roses and Oasis. They’ve recently toured with Liam Gallagher so you know they’re hitting the right notes.

Between The Lines is filled with strong guitar, powerful percussion, brushed off with some light synth. The band have something more than rock’n’roll, with their strings and synth, they’ve managed to create their own unique sound.

Keyboardist Julien O’Neill said the band don’t fit into LA’s music scene. “A lot of LA bands are hung up on what used to be and refuse to realize how forward-thinking music can be when you embrace modernity. We have no interest in writing something solely indebted to paisley and teardrop guitars.”

Between The Lines was written while the band was on tour in England. Shea explained: “This was a song that was written during a tough time for all of us as a band. It’s a calling out from all of us to keep the path steady and the focus forward. When Amazon first reached out to us about doing this we wanted to spin it in a way where it wasn’t a traditional break-up song.”

You can find this exclusive track on the Amazon Original Playlist Love Me Not.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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