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Vox Rea – Dose Me Up [Review]

Vox Rea – Dose Me Up [Review]

Vancouver based Vox Rea release their debut track Dose Me Up.

Sweetly woven with a dash of melancholy, Dose Me Up has all the elements of a chill-pop masterpiece. Vox Rea (formerly The Katherines) came up with the track playing on their grandmothers piano. They channelled their nostalgic feelings to produce an intense, heartfelt melody.

The track begins with melodic piano and an ambient drone layered below the powerful vocals. It’s a slow burner with the bass and drums creeping in until the drop hits you around the 1-minute mark. It has a similar feeling to the Radiohead classic ‘You And Whose Army?’, with the grand chorus part booming out after the elegantly poised build up. It keeps enough of its chill-pop ethos, however, which allows it to be appealing to anyone. Dose Me Up is a mature piece of artistic brilliance that stays with you long after the track has finished.

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