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Virgo Rising – Sleep in Yr Jeans [Review]

Virgo Rising – Sleep in Yr Jeans [Review]

Sleep in Yr Jeans is the new tune from Canadian outfit, Virgo Rising. 

Since forming in 2018, Virgo Rising have gone from strength to strength. By using a blend of bedroom-pop traits and surf style sensibilities, they’ve created a sound that is equally unique and memorable. Sleep in Yr Jeans is an honest & vulnerable track, referencing growing up and the complexities it brings. It has everything you could want in an awesome bedroom-pop banger. The shimmering guitar tones complement the bold, rhythmic tenacity and a subtle grunge aesthetic drapes over the top. The result is a multi-dimensional piece of musical mastery. 

There’s a clear nod to bands like Snail Mail in this one. Similar to their American peers, Virgo Rising masquerade this tune as a simple, indie-rock inspired song. However, once you dig deeper, you find that there are numerous nuances thrown into the mix as well. This creates a huge soundscape that lingers around you long after the track has finished. Sleep in Yr Jeans is taken from Virgo Rising’s latest EP, Sixteenth Saphire, which is already out for you to delve into!

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