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‘Yuck’ is the latest single from Lincoln-based indie rock band Vigilantes.

The track is described by the band as a sarcastic protest song and attempts to capture the frustration that the band feel towards the industry. The sentiment behind the song is one which will likely appeal to a number of artists trying to make their way in music, with Vigilantes perhaps best expressing their irritation with the line ‘we’ve come so far, why not stop now?’.

The majority of the song aptly conveys a sense of disillusionment and aggravation, with energetic vocals injecting the track with emotion and angst from the moment that they crash into your eardrums.

The song’s official video is devoid of colour and light, with the majority of it centring on instruments or band members shrouded in shadow. The decision to shoot the video in black and white makes a lot of sense considering the melancholy tone that Vigilantes are going for, and it also captures the message of the song as the band passionately play their music in a confined and characterless space.

‘Yuck’ is a listenable track with solid lead vocals and a strong concept. It keeps your attention throughout and its official video, whilst undeniably understated, marries together with its themes.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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