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Vian Izak – The Navigator [Review]

Vian Izak – The Navigator [Review]

South African born American duo Vian Izak have shared their new single ‘The Navigator’ with us prior to the release of the eponymous sophomore album.

Brothers Vian and Hein combine sci-fi storytelling and anthemic pop ballads which are released alongside a corelating comic book, in which you can follow a mythical journey through imaginary worlds. The debut album ‘The Northern Anthems’ has surpassed one million streams on Spotify and landed Vian over 100k continuous monthly listeners.

‘The Navigator’ opens with timid, melancholic piano chords reminiscent of one of Coldplay or Adele’s ballads. It is heartfelt and, paired with Vian’s soothing vocals, brings a feeling of comfort and inclusion. The chorus is anthemic and uplifting, creating a soundscape that helps us to be transported to the storyline of his wild adventures. Vian Izak aimed to create a piece of work that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and they do so with their timeless lyrics and heart-warming songwriting.

The project is ambitious and courageous, but the risk pays off. The captivating illustrations coupled with the heartening indie pop ballad work seamlessly and will capture the heart of any listener. You can hear the full album below.


Review by Niall Summerton


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