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VedeTT bring 80’s gothic rock and new wave to the present in the understated video for ‘It Seems To Be Natural.’

French group VedeTT’s latest offering, ‘It Seems To Be Natural’, off their 2017 EP ‘Losing All’, is an introspective alternative-rock track that revels in darkness. While their sound follows in the angsty footsteps of The Cure, particularly during the ‘Seventeen Seconds’ and ‘Faith’ years, VedeTT also offer up something refreshingly modern. Like English rock band Blossoms, VedeTT translate the crucial musical traditions of the 80’s into a package that resonates powerfully with today’s audiences.

The music video for ‘It Seems To Be Natural’ is strikingly simple, focusing solely on the performance of the song by the band in a dark practise room. In a song that is largely led by a driving backbeat and electric guitar, the footage of the musicians in action is a powerful way of relaying the authentic passion of the track, without the distractions of special effects. In fact, the majority of the video is shot in black-and-white, which gives a simple, classic look to the piece. Although the video switches to colour in the final few seconds, it is implied that the dark monochrome holds more interest than the garish outside world.

Despite the darkness of VedeTT’s sound, there is something deeply genuine about this group. ‘It Seems To Be Natural’, like the other tracks on ‘Losing All’, sees beauty in melancholy, and runs with it.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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