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British Lo-Fi/Shoegaze artist VEDA has treated us to a ‘Live in Isolation’ rendition of his track, Rip.

The screeching, raw guitar effect has a likeness to late 90’s era Brian Jonestown Massacre, as does the laid back, yet prominent vocals which float on top. With added touches of Gothic subtleties, not dissimilar to The Cure, Rip culminates into a sway worthy musical trip. Shimmers of Beach House are also thrown in, with the steady drumming and tight knit bass carrying the rest of the song.

There’s a comfortable unease to the track, which may make you think it’s a hollow piece of music. This is quite far from the truth as VEDA has a knack to make the carefully orchestrated noise surround you and provide a cosy edge.

It’s worth noting you can also find a studio version of Rip on VEDA’s latest album release, ‘Leave It All Behind’.

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