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Vanessa Van Ness – The Muscle (Song for Kate)

Vanessa Van Ness – The Muscle (Song for Kate)

Brooklyn based singer songwriter Vanessa Van Ness shares her hauntingly beautiful The Muscle (Song for Kate).

The Muscle (Song for Kate) is the new track from the former film & tv industry worker. She gave up 12 hour days to pursue her true calling – writing songs. The track has a minimalistic charm to it, with the reverby guitar sound swinging like a pendulum, creating the perfect mellow atmosphere. The vocals are draped over the top, instantly sending shivers down your spine. It’s the raw emotion that comes from this unique vocal style that really gets you.

Like all good singer songwriters, Van Ness has a penchant for knowing how to use minimal sounds and create a sound that’s huge. You can see the influence of folk legends like Joni Mitchell and alt rock master Jeff Buckley seeping through. It’s this that really makes the song impressive, as the fusion between the two artists is applied with aplomb. So sit back, relax and let the laid back tones take you to another place.

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