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Umut Anil – Irgendwo [Review]

Umut Anil – Irgendwo [Review]

German singer-songwriter Umut Anil has released his latest single ‘Irgendwo.’

If, like myself, you don’t speak one bit of German, the song title translates to: Somewhere. Anywhere. Someplace. Anyplace. Nowhere Special. Seeing that the single truly transcends barriers of country or language with indisputable skill—something only the best in music can accomplish—I’d say Anil chose the perfect title. Music at its best is meant to move us, show us different perspectives; let us close our eyes and easily visualize ourselves somewhere else.

Albeit listening sans lyrical comprehension, this song is happy and sure to put a smile on other listeners’ faces. It’s the type of song you hear on a night out with your best friends, dancing in some club and you suddenly realize how special that moment right there is. It’s the song you hear on a road trip or in the background of a YouTube travel montage. But it’s not just the title that allows the song to permeate so many aspects of life:

The track blends acoustic instruments with pop and EDM elements, similar to Danish pop band Stoffer & Maskinen. Velvety vocals are strong and enunciate each word like a promise. The beat is hard to not bop your head to or snap along with. A complete standout in the Indie genre, ‘Irgendwo’ is a knockout song and is sure to be on repeat throughout the end of the summer.


By Madison Obermeyer

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