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Ukiyo Rêve – Vita Mino EP [Review]

Ukiyo Rêve – Vita Mino EP [Review]

Vita Mino is the debut EP from Ukiyo Rêve.

By fusing genres seamlessly, Ukiyo leaves no stone unturned in his debut release. It’s a 6 track EP filled with bold transformations and a sound that is uniquely Ukyiko’s. With influences as wide-ranging as The Beatles and MGMT, Ukyiko has all the components to woo the listener no matter what.

The most impressive thing about this EP is that each song has its own charisma. Whether it’s the 80s leaning My Ashtray, or the fluttering Jazz stylings of Mimesis and Where Will She Cry?, every number wreaks of personality. The main constant throughout is the indie-esque guitar hooks and finely pitched vocals. They give the track an added familiarity, tying it all up in a wonderful bow.

Please don’t just take my word for it – Vita Mino is out now for you to be swept away with.

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