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Ubix Owen – Help [Review]

Ubix Owen – Help [Review]

Inspired by the global Covid-19 pandemic, EDM producer Ubix Owen has released his latest song ‘Help’.

Like the name suggests, it is written as a cry for help to God. The original beat for the track was sadly lost to a technical error but luckily when Ubix Owen was recreating the song, it turned out to be even better than the first version. Taking influence from EDM and electronic pop, ‘Help’ is energetic and captures the spontaneous way in which it was recorded.

Ubix Owen is a young singer and producer who has been making music since the age of 13. Mainly writing R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, Ubix Owen is inspired by Micheal Jackson and Ben E. King, and his name is a tribute to the inspirational Jesse Owens.

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