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Tyler Meacham – Moving On [Review]

Tyler Meacham – Moving On [Review]

Richmond singer-songwriter turned indie pop front-woman Tyler Meacham has just dropped her debut single “Moving On”.

Following a busy year of writing and sharing songs from her bedroom with her fans on social media -- this is the first track with a full whack of production.

On the surface it’s relatively standard, break-up pop fare, but Meacham’s vocals really sell the song and there’s plenty of Americana ear candy simmering under the surface.

The song showed a lot of promise a year ago in her scrappy Youtube demo, so it’s nice to hear it fully realised here. Meacham’s bass player Chip Hale also collaborated on the production, making the clever decision not to overwhelm the vocals and take away from the story.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Tyler Meacham evolves as an artist -- she clearly has a wealth of great content to drop when her debut EP releases in Fall 2019.

Check out the original YouTube version of the song below!

3. Moving On (original song) // Tyler Meacham

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