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Twin Visions – Handstands [Review]

Twin Visions – Handstands [Review]

Indie-rock group Twin Visions shine on their stirring new single, ‘Handstands’

Manchester-based group Twin Visions have crafted a deeply original and timeless sound that transcends decades and countries. ‘Handstands’, off their new EP ‘Songs 1-5’, sees the group drawing from the alternative rock visions of The Lemonheads and Surfer Blood, yet placing themselves firmly in the context of the 21st Century.

With irresistible energy and a great song structure, ‘Handstands’ keeps listeners on their toes. Incorporating elements of updated surf rock and psychedelic-rock, Twin Visions’ sound is a breath of fresh air in the modern indie scene. Led by lively drums and electric guitars, the track is highly polished and well-presented. Despite the maturity of Twin Visions’ sound, however, the track is refreshingly playful and irreverent. The harmonies on the chorus lend the track a triumphant and unified air, which ultimately gives ‘Handstands’ a distinctly ‘feel-good’ vibe.

If ‘Handstands’ is anything to go by, Twin Visions look to have a bright future ahead.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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