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Twin Ritual – You Talk [Review]

Twin Ritual – You Talk [Review]

From the opening bars of ‘You Talk’, it’s clear that these California’s Twin Ritual are no slackers. Led by lead vocalist Laura Levenhagen’s soaring, powerful vocals, this is a track that certainly means business.

Set to be the closing track on the band’s upcoming debut E.P. Hand Through the Mist, Twin Ritual delves into the darker depths of post-punk to deliver a track that delights in its despair.

Bursting straight into life with Levenhagen’s hauntingly brilliant voice accompanied by a tight rhythm section, the band steadily add layers of instrumentation, holding the tension before harmonising into a strong, punchy chorus. From there the track only gets better, building to a pulsating finale that exhilarates as much as it hypnotises.

From its fuzzy, reverb-drenched guitar lines and motorik rhythm to the understated electronics holding everything together – not to mention the dense, introspective lyrics – this is a jam-packed track, a grower that unlocks more with each listen.


Review by Jamie George

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