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Liverpool three-piece pop-project TV ME have released their latest track ‘Stitches’, a long-time in the making and a huge pay-off as dream pop meets 70s psychedelia in an epic fusion of sounds.

‘Stitches’ itself has been a few years in the making, as writer Tom originally began production of the track 15 years ago.

The opening fair ground-esque piano piece written at the age of 14, the elongated old school radio effect ending when he was 10, with the middle piece stitching the track together two years ago in 2016.

The result is a carefully thought-out track that knows exactly what it is doing. It’s an all-out psychedelic pop song. The vocals are tame Impala mini mansion-y and make the track feel longer whereas the contrasting bass drum, over-trebled synthesisers and guitars build up the tempo and temporarily place you in a state where time no longer makes sense. Before you know it, the band are pale face insides shapes drifting away.

Adding to the impressive feet of creating a track which genuinely adds a fresh take on the psychedelia scene is the simply amazing music video. TV ME say they took inspiration from old Laurel and Hardy, A Hard Days Night, and Pinky and Perky videos, for sound and lyrics. This is apparent as the fusion of dreamy pop vocals fits perfectly with the visuals, all adding to the overall experience.

TV ME have announced that a four track experimental fusion EP titled ‘A Broadcast From TV ME’ will be released soon.


Review by Nathan Smith

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