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Turns Out I’m Someone Else is the tender folk ballad from Jessie Monk. 

True to the folk ethos, Monk’s songs centre around people who she has met and stories she hears. In this track, Monk explores the feelings we encounter when we search within ourselves. The raw and tender emotion conveys the elegantly poised lyrical content excellently. Everything about the track is pure folk wizardry, with the lofty vocal melody and memorable fingerpicking taking centre stage in this wonderful track. 

There is a strong likeness to Joni Mitchell’s early work. The way Monk constructs the guitar tone and vocal gait mirrors the folk icon to a tee. It’s carefree yet serious vibe hits the balance that all great folk tracks have – sheer musical class and thought-provoking wonder. Turns Out I’m Someone Else is the second track to be released from Monk’s forthcoming, debut EP, Here, Now. 

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