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Tube Amp 101 – Strawberry Smile [Review]

Tube Amp 101 – Strawberry Smile [Review]

Australia based Tube Amp 101 bring us their latest track, Strawberry Smile.

Their brand of melodic, post-punk piano vibes is what catches your eye first. The slightly discordant nuances make you sit up and listen – It catches you completely off guard. The addition of the pitch-perfect vocals throws you into a wondrous cacophony of numbing post-punk pop delight.

Tube Amp 101 also bring a slight touch of psychedelia into the mix in this one. The lucid flow creates a clinical dreamscape, which is juxtaposed with the harsh guitar tones. Combined with the echoey vocals, it gives the track a powerful edge. Strawberry Smile is a well-worked piece of music, keeping you interested from start to finish.

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