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Tris Puri – Braver [Review]

Tris Puri – Braver [Review]

Braver is the debut track from producer Tris Puri.

Having been primarily a singer/songwriter, Tris slipped into the production side of music when the pandemic hit. Braver is his first foray into producing, and it has all the elements to make this a pop anthem. The arrangement is second to none, as the pulsating synth tones glide across the chilled-out rhythmic soup. As mellow as the tune sounds, it also has an uplifting vibe that boosts it to another level.

Anyone who loves a well thought out pop tune will love this track. Its catchy melody and shimmering elegance are strikingly compelling. The way that the vocals weave in and out of the synth layers make sure that your attention is kept throughout. Braver is the first from the all-around musician and hopefully, there will be more to come soon.

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