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TriOrca – Goliath [Review]

TriOrca – Goliath [Review]

Goliath is the new tune from transatlantic trio TriOrca.

Founded on a common interest in musicianship and artistic intent, TriOrca bring their one of a kind sound to the table. The trio utilises their love of soul and musicality to shape their sound. Drawing on nostalgic rhythms and memorable contemporary hooks, TriOrca strike an awesome balance between the old and new.

Goliath is a melting pot of genres. The ska like rhythm combines with an in-your-face pop melody to produce a fantastic late summer hit. There’s also sprinklings of soul thrown in too, as the powerful vocal style soars above the jaunty medley. TriOrca administer their definitive groove, leaving you no choice but to ride the journey with them.

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