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Trazmo – Celebrate Our Lives [Review]

Trazmo – Celebrate Our Lives [Review]

Seasoned producer Trazmo is has dropped a new tropical house track ‘Celebrate Our Lives’.

Smooth vocals, buoyant beats and a general feel-good ambience make this track essential summer listening for all the house-heads out there.

‘Celebrate Our Live’ creates a joyous atmosphere and in keeping with the track name, encourages you to celebrate through music and bop along to the awesome dance grooves.

Originally from Lyon, France, Trazmo is a talented artist and producer. As a child he was influenced by the music his parents listened to. He later showed a lot of interest in hip-hop and electronic music. He has also explored other musical styles as a composer such as House music, Future Bass, Psytrance, Dubstep.

This upbeat banger of a track certainly made us take notice, so make sure to add it to all your summer playlists!

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