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$Tragedy$ – Phase One [Review]

$Tragedy$ – Phase One [Review]

Hip hop artist $Tragedy$ has released his latest album ‘Phase One.’ Each of the nine songs have a depth to its own that allows it to at once stand alone and as a cohesive whole.

Notable tracks on the album include ‘Different’ and ‘Lost in My Mind’ with instrumental tracks ranging from techno beats to piano melodies and seamlessly brought together by passionate vocals. $Tragedy$ marries diverse tracks such as the aforementioned with ease; the classical strength of the piano is met with the explosive passion of his beats.

His music, in this sense, mirrors his life—the Phoenix, Arizona native had a childhood of orphanages and foster homes, atmospheres within which his determination to succeed amplified. As $Tragedy$ grew up and thus cultivated his sound, his goal was to show anyone who would listen that each person has the capability to decide his or her own fate in life.

In viewing music as an escape—a means to the end—$Tragedy$ finds himself in the next phase of his life, a phase where his music can now find a child who might need it to believe in himself or herself, to believe in something bigger than themselves. ‘Phase One’ is an incendiary declaration of an artist’s journey from a troubled childhood to success. Fans of artists like Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, or Drake will undoubtedly find $Tragedy$’s newest album irresistible.


By Madison Obermeyer

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