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Tova Glyt – Head Back [Review]

Tova Glyt – Head Back [Review]

‘Head Back’ is the debut EP from 21 year old Swedish singer-songwriter Tova Glyt.

‘Head Back’ is also the name of the lead single, a quietly powerful ballad about the feeling of always being headed in the wrong direction. The simple production allows for Tova Glyt’s vocals to rise to the forefront, telling the stories held in the EP.

A bass player since the age of twelve, music has always been an important part of Tova Glyt’s life, who began to write songs at the age of seven. Growing up between Sweden and Spain, her multi-cultural upbringing has allowed her to collaborate with many musicians. Touring and participating in a number of bands, ‘Head Back’ is her first solo EP, which follows the release of five singles.

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