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Tourists – Another State [Album Review]

Tourists – Another State [Album Review]

Tourists channel their own brand of dream-pop infused shoegaze with their debut album, Another State.

Tourists are no strangers to making music. Their first EP in 2013 was the beginning of a steady flow of releases throughout the years, ultimately leading towards the album in front of us. Another State has a unique complexity about it, bringing multiple genres together to create one sensational sound.

You are immediately drawn to the lofty, dream-like tones and outpouring of emotion within the first few tracks. They hold the delicate balance of eerie shoegaze guitar licks and driving post-punk drum rhythms. By the time you reach the excellently crafted Lego Man, you have already become enamoured with the sheer musical talent that the guys from Torquay posses.

The central theme of beauty-in-escapism continues into the second half of the album. The synth-heavy tunes Blindside & Strangers hark back to the industrial side of the 80s synth-pop sound, made famous by the likes of New Order. The overdriven bass tones and atmospheric synth layers in Black Friday bring in a new dimension, with a more contemporary post-punk revival feel taking centre stage.

The final track on the album is the title track. It’s the perfect send-off after 44 minutes of lucid escapism. The surf rock rhythm gives way to a minimalistic reverb-drenched guitar melody, superbly bridging the gap between the mesmerising musical journey and the jump back into reality.

Another State was released on 20th November, so be sure to get this on during these long winter nights, when all you need is a welcome escape from the world.

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