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‘On My Own’ is a beautifully constructed anthem about isolation after the end of a relationship from Boston band ‘Toledo’.

This song begins with a relatively sombre tone to it, with the light, delicate guitars, combining with the gentle drum beats and the mellow vocals from singer Daniel Alvarez de Toledo. The laid back, almost dreamy sound of the song is intoxicating, as it pulls you in straight away.

The track contains a few moments where it sounds like it’s going to build into something far bigger, and then ends, leaving you wanting more. It then finally rises and bursts into a flurry of positivity that seems distant from the beginning of the song.

The very structure of the song itself feels like a metaphor for its lyrical content. The building of the melody and its subsequent return to where it began mirrors the feeling of hope, before falling back into the same funk it was in before. All this takes place before the ending of the song, combined with an incredibly catchy guitar riff, you begin to get the impression that you’ve experienced a journey in listening, and it makes you feel that maybe, everything will be okay.

This song shows serious promise from the band, having not released and album or EP yet, you can naturally expect something special from them from their upcoming releases, and I look forward to hearing it.


Review by Joseph Russ

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