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Tipling Rock – TMSN [Review]

Tipling Rock – TMSN [Review]

Tipling Rock fire off another inspired, summer-cool beat ‘TMSN’.

Rising Bostonian four-piece beach pop outfit Tipling Rock, arrive with another playlist essential. ‘TMSN’ (Tell Me Something New) fires a cool, immediate beat with a hook that’s going to ensure another body-jerking gem. The track undoubtedly will hold some ground as a dancefloor inspiring anthem, with its upbeat, join-in thump, running alongside the likes of the Strokes’ best tunes and of similar, more modern bands such as Launder or No Hot Ashes.

The grumbling, roaring engine grinding intro falls thumping into Andre’s lamented query that allows both verse and chorus to be brought in quickly and frequently throughout the track. The moody, hard-edged guitar and crescendo-brought vocals allows listeners to feel the ease at which the hook captures their minds and feet to drag those bold enough onto the dancefloors, or onto their sandal clad feet up onto sandy shores to join in the swirling up and down melodies.

Laden with heaven dreamt beats and stinging guitars, it’s easy to understand how the band has opened for the likes of Lil Uzi Vert. ‘TMSN’ springboards the band from last year’s #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral charts and ensured their tunes being featured on several Spotify curated playlists including Viral hits, New Indie Mix, and Fresh Finds. You’ll understand why, after experiencing ‘TMSN’.


Review by Craig Beauman

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