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Timothy – Fly [Review]

Timothy – Fly [Review]

Sweden-based indie artist Timothy releases his second single, the stripped-back and catchy electro track ‘Fly’.

A hauntingly beautiful song that, considering its withdrawn nature, has a great ability to evoke emotions.

The melancholic soundscapes gently ripple throughout and grow with the song, as soft bass is brought in to the minimalist set up. The scratches of fingers moving along a fret board add texture to ‘Fly’, as their sharp prominence adds to a sense of loneliness. Tapping kick drums are split up with sudden bolts of toms, which help to push the song forward.

Soft lead and backing vocals are blended smoothly and, in contrast to its slow and steady evolution, the song ends abruptly which only increases the endearing sense of emptiness Timothy has created.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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