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Timi Temple – Coming Home

Timi Temple – Coming Home

Jovial song ‘Coming Home’ is the latest single from Timi Temple showcasing his lyrical talents off to the fullest.

‘Coming Home’ is all based around “traveling the world to find where the grass is greener… only to be pulled home by the comfort of family and friends”. It’s Timi Temples take on a rather used theme but lyrically inspired by drawing parallels to nature.

Temple explains how his favourite lyrics are “is the insect, happy when he gets there, the light that drew him in his glare, then zaps him dead?”. This lyricism adds to the unique and playful idealisms behind the track itself.

The single not only has creative lyrics but also, in his words, “a humorous note”. He managed to get his full family to sing on the chorus, including his 3 sisters, Father and Girlfriend none of which are musicians themselves.

The song has been released as part of a two-side release celebrating the 1 year birthday of Timi Temple with the release date being at the beginning of last month. Being an exciting musical enigma who blends Electronic, Psychedelic and Rock music together to create a unique experience both on stage and in the studio.

Being described by Pile Rats as “wonderfully effervescent psychedelic electronica” and by Best Before as “Flashing shades of lush Tame Impala-esque synth lines, inventive MGMT-inspired percussive arrangements and even Boy & Bear-flavoured melodies”. Timi Temple is set to go far already gaining significant press for this release.


Review by Charlie Hall

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