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Tim Freitag chases the dream carving the hollow and riding the crest of his new single, ‘The Wave’.

Tim Freitag’s new single The Wave is accompanied by a visual symphony of sensory perception. The Wave is the third single by Tim Freitag, the first being ‘Bruises’ and the second, ‘Hold On’. Both singles were well received, collectively racking up over 294,000 Spotify plays and 50,000 YouTube views. The third single, ‘The Wave’, follows in the footsteps of their success and promises to be as much, if not more, successful than its predecessors’.

‘The Wave’ had its release on the 8th June 2018 and is already gaining momentum as some of Tim Freitag’s best work. The song is filled with melodic imagery and drive that rifles headlong through a range emotion’s. Freitag exudes presence and jolts energy through the song. The accompanying video conjures a feeling of anticipation to where the story is taking us. Like any great novel Tim Freitag grabs our attention and immerses us in the inner workings of his mind and soul.

There’s an old saying, ‘Is this the beginning of the end?’ in Tim Freitag’s case, ‘No, it’s the end of the beginning’. Tim Freitag’s marching forward going from strength to strength and ‘The Wave’ is another landmark on the road in his success story.


Review by Matthew Waters

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