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Tiger Darrow – Hands [Review]

Tiger Darrow – Hands [Review]

This is ‘Hands’, the new indie-pop anthem from singer-songwriter Tiger Darrow.

The first seconds of ‘Hands’ are filled with tension that almost immediately breaks, paving the way for soft piano chords to lay the foundations of the track. Bearing a resemblance to the modern indie-pop sounds of the likes of Lana Del Rey, ‘Hands’ is a melancholy neo-pop hit, with a moody yet reassuring feel.

The slumbering electronic kit and synths have hard edges, driving the track forward as it builds, although traces of the delicate piano from the opening seconds are littered throughout. The harmonies struck from the double tracked vocals are reminiscent of HAIM and help to shape the indie influenced tracks reflective sound.

Tiger Darrow has written and constructed this song eloquently, with a sense of maturity surrounding it. The comforting nature of ‘Hands’ perfectly reflects the story it tells, that of a child finding solace in music whilst dealing with a broken family. As Tiger repeats the song’s headline ‘Hands’ throughout, the singularity of each exclamation helps bring a perfect centre point to the songs choruses.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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