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Tien Cortez – Don’t Finish What You Started [Review]

Tien Cortez – Don’t Finish What You Started [Review]

Australian newcomer Tien Cortez begins his discography by echoing the frustrations of artists everywhere.

His debut single ‘Don’t Finish What You Started’ conveys the artistic struggle of beginning a project and not being able to complete it. The lyrics are extremely honest, coming both from the perspective of the artist, and the perspective of the unfinished projects. While the subject matter and lyrics come across quite bleak, the instrumentation is anything but.

Anthemic synths ring out and carry throughout the track, accompanied by an unforgettable drum beat and hi-hats that keep the song on track. By the time the chorus begins, you may find yourself in a mosh pit. The most interesting part of this track is the way it defies the boundaries of genre.
Tien Cortez prides himself on being experimental and describes his music as, “The love child of Nine Inch Nails and Chvrches”. Through the journey of starting an Audio Engineering Degree, Tien Cortez found himself able to play around with sound. Some of his influences include early Frank Sinatra and Bjork. While these sounds aren’t readily apparent in his new track, his love for music and genre-bending is crystal clear through the way he intertwines alt-rock with punk-pop. A diverse range of influences and a relatable topic means there is something for everyone to love in Tien Cortez’s debut single.


Review by Tymie Jadagu

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