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Tia Gostelow feat LANKS – Strangers

Tia Gostelow feat LANKS – Strangers

Delightfully stripped back, yet powerful in all the right moments, Tia Gostelow and LANKS have joined forces to create a stupendous track.

The past 12 months or so have been exciting times from the singer/songwriter from Queensland. Fresh out of school and having been nominated for various local music awards, last year was capped off by Tia accumulating over 500,000 streams on Spotify. It’s easy to see why, as there is an instantaneous catchiness to her style, created by taking elements from country pop artists such as Taylor Swift and infusing more prominent soft indie traits, similar to First Aid Kit.

The guitar work in the track rolls fluidly throughout and lets the shimmering harmonies take the main focus. This goes for both artists on the record, as the low range harmony from LANKS complements the lofty falsetto from Tia, encasing the vocal track perfectly. You get a sensation of hollow warmth, an anxious curiosity, which sits perfectly with the lyrical theme, that of a first summer love. There is also a wispy, siren-like ambient effect that is so subtly laid underneath the record its easy to miss, but it enlarges the whole vibe of the song perfectly.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this up and coming artist from Australia and, fingers crossed, there will be more of the same in the not to distant future. There aren’t any shows lined up at the moment, but keep tabs on her socials for future updates!


Review by Tom Crowder

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