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Thunder and The Giants – Lemon Cider

Thunder and The Giants – Lemon Cider

Noisy, dirty, and a whole lot of fun, Thunder and The Giants’ “Lemon Cider” is a rip-roaring 2 and a half minutes of swaggering raucousness.

Sounding like a middle finger to anyone who spews out such phrases as ‘artistic integrity’, this bunch of Liverpudlians obviously have no time for such decadent pretentions. This is about as unashamedly straightforward a debut single you’re ever likely to hear – loud guitars, infectious hooks and an energy so frenetic you can almost smell the sweat of the band as you listen to it. From its opening few bars of scratchy power chords, it’s clear the band intend to drag us along for the ride whether we like it or not.

It’s in-your-face without ever coming across as overly abrasive, a delight of guitar-driven chaos that’s sure to bring a smile to your face – and if you manage to catch them live, there’ll presumably be a few bruises too.


Review by Jamie George

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