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Thom Bullitt – Sunset [Review]

Thom Bullitt – Sunset [Review]

Sunset is the latest tune from Oklahoma based Thom Bullitt.

It’s been a busy 6 years for Bullitt, having released an album almost every year since 2015. It’s pretty impressive when you consider he’s also been involved in different collaborative projects through this time, too. Sunset is the latest entry to Bullitt’s solo library and has all the hallmarks of a great pop hit.

When I first listened to this one, the main influence that stood out was The Weeknd. Bullitt has found that same memorable blend of bouncy 80s synth-pop and contemporary vocal lines. His vocal style is unique, with elements of mumble rap fused with a slight country twang. It flows over the bouncing beat superbly, creating a sound that you can’t help but bop along to. You can find Sunset on the major steaming website of your choice.

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